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  • EXTRA LARGE Mosasaurus anceps (Prognathodon) fossil. These incredible fossils are truly a sight to behold, and we're excited to share more information about them with you.Mosasaurus anceps, also known as Prognathodon, was a species of mosasaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 70 million years ago. These enormous creatures were top predators in the oceans, and are often compared to modern-day killer whales in terms of their size and hunting abilities.Our EXTRA LARGE Mosasaurus anceps (Prognathodon) fossil is a rare and unique find, measuring several meters in length and weighing thousands of pounds. This incredible fossil has been expertly prepared and restored to showcase its natural beauty and unique characteristics.As an owner of this fossil, you'll have a truly one-of-a-kind piece of natural history that is sure to impress and inspire. This fossil is not only a stunning addition to any collection, but it is also a valuable investment, as the supply of these fossils is limited and their value continues to increase.Owning a Mosasaurus anceps (Prognathodon) fossil is an exciting and unique experience that is sure to captivate anyone with an interest in natural history. Whether you're an experienced collector or just starting out, this EXTRA LARGE fossil is a must-have addition to any collection.So why wait? Order now and experience the awe-inspiring beauty and value of this incredible Mosasaurus anceps (Prognathodon) fossil for yourself. Thank you for considering our product, and we look forward to sharing this amazing fossil with you.
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Note: This is not a typical reconstructed mosasaur tooth sticking to the root. This is a fully original specimen (beware of fakes-discussed below). Good condition and preservation. There is no repair or restoration. Mosasaur teeth of the heroes of Jurassic World! Note-The large Moroccan mosasaur has been renamed to the genus Prognathodon. Mosasaurus teeth of a very large collector. Genuine guarantee..

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EXTRA LARGE Mosasaurus anceps (Prognathodon)

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