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Otodus obliquus, also known as the "giant shark," is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 60 million years ago. Its teeth are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike, and are considered a true treasure by those lucky enough to own one.
    Our product contains not one, but six of these rare and highly prized fossils. Each tooth has been carefully sourced from the finest specimens available in Morocco, ensuring that only the highest quality teeth are included in this set.
      These fossils have been expertly prepared and polished to bring out their natural beauty, and are ready to be displayed in any collection. Their striking appearance and unique history make them a conversation starter in any room.
        But that's not all. Our product is not only a beautiful addition to any collection, but it is also a valuable investment. As the supply of Otodus obliquus teeth becomes scarcer, the value of these fossils only increases. Owning a set of six of these rare teeth is a wise investment for any collector or investor.

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        6 Otodus obliquus best quality, fossils from Khouribga

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